Brudair, also known as Dair, is the Sandman and the mate of Serenity. He is assigned by The Creator to bring dreams to those who will play a key role in influencing society.


Brudair was created by The Creator centuries ago and was assigned the task of bringing dreams to people who would influence the world. Brudair carried out his task faithfully and never questioned his existence, but when he meets Serenity, he can't help but long for something he was never created for; a mate.


Dair looks to be around twenty years old with a tall muscular frame, jet black hair, which is shiny and long on the top, and onyx coloured eyes which swirl with darkness when he is feeling high emotions. His jaw is well defined and strong, and his skin is as smooth as marble. Dair's nose is perfectly proportioned for his face and plump lips. He usually wears all black as it blends in with the darkness he carries within.


Dair controls shadows, which mask him when he enters a room to plant a dream into a person's mind. They react strongly when he is feeling high emotions, and Brudair struggles to control them whilst around Serenity as they feel his need to protect her and want to act accordingly by cloaking her.

He can also enter a person's mind whilst they sleep and weave them a dream according to what The Creator wishes for them to become, though he can only influence, and never force someone to follow their intended path.

Dair can allow the shadows to drop slightly to whisper in people's ears, though he can remain invisible from the person.


Dair is immortal and has never been a child as he was created to be a twenty year old man.

Brudair is Scottish and means 'dreams', a nod towards Brudair's powers and purpose.

Children can see him because they are more accepting than adults.